You want something from me?

I'm notoriously easy to talk into doing favors and things, assuming it doesn't involve a trip to the post office. All you have to do is be entertaining. If you can't do that, though, you'll probably have to bribe me with one or more of the following:

- Fanfic recommendations for something I'm moderately interested in. If I've already read it, doesn't count. If I read it and it sucks, doesn't count. If it's for something I don't care about, doesn't count. You get the idea.

- Livejournal icons for me personally. Meaning that I'm the only one that uses them. I like my icons to be unique from everyone else's, but I like it when they're not all made by me. Doesn't have to be a huge work of art... a simple icon with a good idea is fine, as is a really fancy looking icon that doesn't have text or whatever...

- Hot shippy pictures of people from movies or television shows. If I already have it, doesn't count. Unless it's higher quality.

- High quality pictures of celebrities I like. High quality isn't the same as "really big scan." Really big scans are a really big waste of space when they're all fuzzy...

- ROM files that I don't already have. I will have to form a list. I really don't keep track of the games I have, but considering how hard it's getting to find old-system games in their original form anymore... the idea of having everything ever made for my emulators is becoming more and more appealing. And yes I still buy games, even really old used ones, when I find them. :P

- Fun (that isn't the same as "insanely hard") Stepmania songs I don't already have. There are probably tons of these. If it's for a song I like already, you're probably set. I'll have to make another list.